Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Book Boyfriend (7) Rosto

My Book Boyfriend is a weekly meme hosted by Missie of The Unread Reader. Its a chance to pay homage to the hotties that haunt the pages of the novels we love. The men who stay in our thoughts late at night, who plague us during our long hours at work, who cause us to stare off into the starry night and sigh, because we want them here with us. Yes ladies, its the Book Boyfriend.So after a minor break in book boyfriends, I am back in force with:
Rosto the Piper!
Rosto the Piper hails from the Realm of Tortall (featured in Terrier and Bloodhound). He moves to the capital city in Terrier and proceeds to take over the court of the Rogue (the organized crime cabal of the city) within months. All the while, he is befriending and attempting to woo one Beka Cooper, who won't let herself fall for him because he is on the other side of the law that she is sworn to uphold as a Provost's Dog.

Name: Rosto (unknown last name) The Piper
Age: Mid-twenties
Hair color: Blonde hair, almost white
Eye Color: Cool, Wispy Grey
Profession: Assassin, Swordsman, Thief, "Rogue" of the Court of Rogues
Known Associates: The mage Aniki Forfrysning and the swords woman Koramin Ingensra
Romantic Interest: Beka Cooper, his close friend

"He sauntered up to me, more graceful than Pounce, hands in his pockets, the folds of his tunic loose, the dark blue cloth clean. Even his leggings were barely touched by street dirt. I marked the print of six knives against his tunic. The flat blades hidden on the insides of his wrists made me itch to handle them. He was lean and deadly-looking, with blade-scarred hands and sharp bones. He was also white-skinned and dark-eyed, with hair so fair it was nearly white. I figured him to be in his early twenties" 
Here's a quote from the series that I really liked :)
Rosto: "Ow. Lovey's got a bite."
Beka: "I'm not your 'lovey'. I'm not your doxie. You're six years older than me, Rosto. There's mots your age more than willing to be your flirts! And you've Aniki and Kora besides. You've white hair, you great looby!"
Rosto: "I'm blond! My hair isn't white,it's blond! Corn silk! Sun-colored! Gold!" 
Beka chuckled as she left him on the street corner, running a hand through his golden hair. She wasn't going to tell him that she was actually quite fond of the way it shone in the sunshine. 

~Interesting Fact~
According to Tamora Pierce's website, Rosto is based on Spike from Buffy the vampire slayer! That being said, I would have picked James Marsters to play Rosto, but he will forever be Spike to me. I think Toby Hemingway could pretty much be Spike's son...which is FABULOUS :)

So that's this week's book boyfriend. What fictional piece of man-meat makes YOU swoon???


  1. James Marsters will always be Spike to me too.

    But I'm loving the character match you made. Toby is prefect based on the description. I think is hair is lovely.

    Glad you're back with your MBB posts. :)

  2. Glad to be back Missie! And guess what?? I met a new french boy who could give French Mark a run for his money...and his name?? Laurent. *swoons* :)

  3. hes a cutie you make me want to read the book just because hes in it!

  4. Those quotes are definitely swoon worthy! I must read this book :)

  5. Andra! I always think no one else has ever read this series and then I find posts with it and I jump up and down with excitement. *jumps up and down* I LOVE Rosto the Piper! I can't wait for the last book to come out in this series. I hate how long Tamara puts between each book, it drives me nuts. I also want Beka to give in and just end up with Rosto, but then me thinks...could it work out? He is the king of thieves. Every girl has her hopes. That last picture is my favorite! *drools* I'd lick him! ;)

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