Monday, August 1, 2011

August RAK (Random Acts of Kindness)

For those of you who don't know. Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) is this fabulous concept of awesomeness brought to us by the wonderful ladies at BookSoulmates. So I've been wanting to do this for a long time now, but haven't really been able to because I either forgot, or was too busy with other things, but I am officially signed up for RAK and am ready to get my good-samaritan on!
Apparently I am super lucky, because in addition to being kind and awesome in general, Isalys and Vanessa are also giving away a $20 amazon gift card one lucky RAK participant this month! Fabulous :) I am just so excited. I have a stack of books I just bet someone out there wants and I am ready to start making their day!

There's still time to join up! Come on over and see just how awesome your fellow bloggers can be!

Later Lovies,