Monday, August 8, 2011

And the Winners are...

So the Summer Giveaway Hop ended yesterday and WOW you guys are amazing!!! I was absolutely floored with the crazy amount of entries into this giveaway. It has to be my most successful one to date, and I got a whole crap-ton of new followers who I'm hoping will stick around and have a blasty-blast with me here on the blog in the future. There were 276 people who entered the giveaway with 963 individual entries! Holy crap you guys!!! Because there were so many fantastic people entering the contest, I decided to add a third prize! Prize number 1 is still a $15 dollar gift card to amazon, but now there will be TWO people who receive a mystery box of books from me!!! 
So...who are these fabulously lucky people???

Drum-roll please...!!

1. Winner of the $15 gift card is...
#496 Kara Reynolds!

2. Winner of a box o' books is...
#945 Chen Chang!

3. Winner of the second box o'books is...
#305 mfay2!

Congrats you three!!!
If you didn't win, don't be sad!! Since I basically increased my followship by like...threefold...I'm going to be doing a follower giveaway asap! Probably when I reach 450 followers or something. Also, be on the lookout for something completely fantastic, huge, and spectacular that's coming your way. It's called Apoca-palooza and it will officially be starting in September, but I will have some intro posts and extra entries for it coming up during August. Believe me, you won't wanna miss it. 

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