Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Once Upon a Read-a-thon Update

Once Upon a Read-a-thon Update:

Books Read: 2.5 

Pages Read: 638

Mini-Challenges Completed: 0
I finished two books yesterday! I read Ghost and the Goth and then One Foot in the Grave This is a LOT considering I had my lunch hour, then 4 hours between work and my "girls night" to read! I think it was my love of Jeanine Frost that kept me going. I read the second Night Huntress Novel and I am SO in love. I will be going through this series like me with, well...vodka sodas, or jack and cokes...I REALLY love this series even after only two books and I cannot BELIEVE that I waited this long to start! In addition, I listened to 4 and a half of 11 disks of the Warrior Heir! Fan-friggin-tastic :D

YA Bliss is hosting one of the Mini-Challenges today, and her challenge is to name my Top 3 Love Triangles...well geeze..that's a tough one....

1.Grudgingly, I will have to say that the number one spot goes to Edward-Bella-Jacob from Twilight. I fell so in love with Edward in the first book that when he left in the second I felt almost as heartbroken as Bella (I literally had to flip to the back to make sure he came back before I would read any more of the depressing middle crap in New Moon). Then Jacob comes in with all his innocence and enthusiasm and well...hot sexy werewolf muscles, and he is such a good friend that you can't help but care for him too.
2.I would have to say number two is Doyle-Merry-Frost from Laurell K. Hamilton's Merry Gentry Series. Though Merry is in more of a love sept-a-gon with her 6 men, you can tell the two most important to her are Frost and Doyle. This triad are almost my number one, and I can't seem to find it, but I will come back soon and show you my FAVORITE romantic scene from any novel I've ever read, and you will see why I love them.
3.Gale-Katniss-Peeta. This one wasn't the BEST love triangle. I liked Gale because he was so strong, but Peeta always seemed more right for Katniss. Regardless, I really enjoyed reading about both of them and their different actions for/with/towards Katniss.

There is a Second Mini-Challenge over at The Bookish Type, and It is a fun one. You are supposed to write a synopsis for a book based solely on the cover. It can have nothing to do with the actual book's plot, characters etc. Just a random synopsis. I've done mine for Divergent. 
Sauron is back, and this time there's no Frodo to throw the ring of power into Mt.Doom. The Dark Lord Sauron, would-be destroyer of Middle Earth is now setting his sights on something much closer to home. The Mid-West...He's taken up residence in Chicago and now the great eye that sees all is plaguing all of us Middies from Des Moines to Detroit, and there's no sexy-sword-weilding Aragorn, or lovely legging-wearing Legolas in sight. What's a girl to do when an evil dark lord takes over your city? Make your own Fellowship of the Rings (with hot boys of course) and take that evil fire eye down!

Alright! Back to reading! Or in my case, filing, alphabetizing, emailing, and trouble-shooting while listening to Audio-books quietly so I don't piss off my cube-mates. :D

Later Loveys!

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