Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Once Upon a Read-a-thon: Day Two Updates

Books Read: 2.5
Pages Read: About 650
Mini-Challenges Completed: 2

I had an extremely slow day for day two. I only listened to one disk of The Warrior Heir at work, and it was giving me a head ache to try and listen while I was sorting and filing and writing letters and all that. Then when I got home I only had about an hour or so to read before I met my friends for Girls Night and then I was so tired that I fell asleep before I read anything! Crazyness. I think I only read about 50 pages, which is WAY lower than my normal, even during a regular week NOT having a read-a-thon. I need to step it up!!!

Today's Mini-Challenges:
Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing is having a mini challenge today. Basically you have to give out some book reccomendations, which I am always willing to do :)

The first reccomendation is for any old book, and seriously people, if you haven't read The Bloody Jack series by L.A. Meyer, you need to remedy that ASAP! Jacky, the main character of the series, is my favorite female MC of all time, and she even gives my dear darling Harry Potter a run for his money in the Favorite Character Ever competition. The books are historical fiction, but for those of you who think hf is boring, um...just read the description of Bloody Jack...death, blood, romance, blood, hilarity, is AWESOME. Jacky is crafty, clever, funny, and sweetly innocent in a street-girl kind of way. You will be raving about this series as much as me when you read it. Go...Buy it now!

The second reccomendation is for a book that you've read and enjoyed during the read-a-thon. I really enjoyed The Ghost and the Goth. At first, Alona the ghost was really jarring.I hated her personality, and her frivolousness...but of course she grows on you. I loved the male MC Will, he was really cool and dealt with the fact that he can see ghosts in a fun and interesting way. The dialogue in this book was awesome! Funny and quirky without being cliche or weird. I really get irritated when the kids either sound too old for their ages, or sound ridiculous, as if someone who didn't know how highschooler speak was trying to write for them. But this book had great characters, plot, and a good book overall :D

Alright, I really need to get to boss is going to start hating on me for being on line so much...

Later Loveys!


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  1. I ALMOST bought The Ghost and the Goth yesterday!!!