Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Book Boyfriend (1)Joseph Jared (sighs) and W...W...W...Wednesdays (1)

My book boyfriend is hosted by Missie at The Unread reader, and this is a weekly meme where I talk about what Literary boy i'm crushing on every Wednesday. If your interested in partaking head over to the introduction post on the Unread Reader.

Today, My Book boyfriend is Joseph Jared. An amazing and yet underappreciated character from L.A. Meyer's Bloody Jack series. Now there is no actor currently out there who can accurately capture the amazingness of dear Joseph Jared. He is so fantastic. His coal black hair, waving in the sea breeze, his strong muscles cording up as he sets the sails just so, his broad chest and shoulders fitting into that gallant sailing masters uniform in just the right way, that cocky grin on his face as he dares you with his eyes to come any closer .....yummmm. So obviously no one compares to my mental Jared...but dear Mr. Henry Cavill comes close lol
Here he is looking like a lecherous bum (kind of the impression that Jared gives off at first)
But this one is my favorite. It's got the cocky smile, and he looks the picture of a dashing pirate rogue. I totally LOVE Jared!!! (and Henry Caville for that matter)

"Charging in with sword drawn, I see a well-dressed man hurriedly stuffing papers into a cloth sack.       There is a small fire on the desktop into which he has already thrown some letters. There is a pistol on the desk next to the fire and when he sees me, he picks up the pistol and aims it directly at my face.
My mouth drops open and there is the roar of a pistol firing, but it is not that pistol, no, it is the pistol in the hand of Joseph Jared, which he has just fired next to my ear.
            I’m seeing all this as in a dream. A small hole has appeared in the well-dressed man’s forehead. He stares sightlessly forward for a moment, then crumples to the deck, the pistol falling from his hand. I stand stunned, my mouth still open. 
           Jared whips me around and puts me up against the bulkhead. He grins his damned cocky grin and says, “That’s at least three times I’ve saved your life, Puss-in-Boots, and now I’m gonna collect some reward.” And he kisses me hard on my still-open mouth. Long and hard.
Finally, he backs off and looks at me, smiling. “First time you’ve ever been kissed by a man, Puss? A real man?” 
I come back to my senses and say, breathlessly, “Put out the fire, Jared.”
“If you mean the fire down below, Jacky, that will never go out…,” he says, coming for me again.
“The fire on the desk, you fool!”

*SWOOONNNNNS* OMG I Love Jared so much!!! I love him so much more than Jacky's actual love interest Jaimy. There is just something about a blue collar man, who has worked hard for what hes gotten, and isn't afraid to come after you. Yeah...I'm probably going to have to take a cold shower after this lol. 

Also new to my blog is W...W...W...Wednesday meme. It's pretty similar to a lot of what people have on their blogs and I thought I would include it in mine for the day. 

W... W... W... Wednesdays is a weekly feature at Should Be Reading. To play along you just have to answer three simple questions:  
1. What Are You Currently Reading? 
2. What Did You Recently Finish? 
3.What Do You Think You'll Read Next?

1. What am I currently reading?

2. What have I just finished reading?
3. What am I probably going to start next??

Well that's it for I'm horribly late for work, and I haven't eaten..oh well all in the love of book blogging :P



  1. I hadn't heard of this series before. Joseph seems like he love playing hero, and seeing as how good he is at it, who are we to stop him.

    I think I'm gonna need a cold shower too!

  2. I also haven't heard of these books but i certainly like the sound of Joseph. and oh dear god i am so in love with Henry Cavill every since i watched 'I capture the castle' I've just adored him.
    - abbeys bookshelf