Monday, June 20, 2011

The Mid-Summer's Eve Giveaway Hop!

Introducing... The Mid-Summer's Eve Giveaway Hop!!! 

This amazing event is being hosted by I Am A Reader Not A Writer and it looks like this hop will be a great one! This is a fantastic opportunity to find new blogs, check up on old ones, and most importantly (for some) a HUGE opportunity to win some fabulous books :) The rules are simple. Hop from blog to blog, entering contests, commenting if you wish (which is always nice), and that's it!

SO What am I offering for my giveaway!Not one but TWO ARC's!!!! :) I am offering up a copy of Fade to Blue by Sean Beaudoin AND a copy of Beneath a Starlet Sky for two lucky followers!!! Both are very different books, one kind of light, but fun and FULL of fashion, gossip, and general fabulousness, the other is dark, quirky, very odd and also full of fabulousness...Here's a short description of each :D (taken from

Beneath a Starlet Sky
Lola Santisi—CEO of a struggling fashion line, reformed Actorholic and daughter of Hollywood Royalty—is now not only bicoastal, she’s Bi-Lolar: That is the condition which causes her to swing like a pendulum between the opposing poles of the fashion world in New York and the real world with her Doctor Boyfriend in Los Angeles. She hardly knows which shoe fits her anymore: the Louboutin stiletto or the Croc. As Lola tries to launch Julian Tennant’s new dress line, it looks like they’re about to get their next big break: his wedding dresses have been chosen to feature in the top film at the Cannes Film Festival. And suddenly Lola is staging a full-blown couture show on a yacht – in the middle of the Med.  Think those super models had trouble walking down the catwalks at Fashion Week?  With an unexpected finale twist, this time it’s Lola who’s tumbling off the runway.

Fade to Blue

On Sophie Blue's 17th birthday, a nurse at her father's lab gave her a mysterious injection and her father disappeared, leaving behind a swirl of rumors about what really happened to Sophie, who has gone Goth. A year later, she has strange dreams that involve being smashed by a Popsicle truck, hears a constant hum, and copes with her comics-obsessed and increasingly obese younger brother O. S., as well as her out-to-lunch mom. Kenny Fade, basketball star and school heartthrob, also hears and sees bizarre things and, like Sophie, fears for his sanity. And his mother is a nurse! Fade to Blue takes off with a crunch and careens wildly to a thought-provoking screecher of an ending in a manic rampage of plot twists, crazy characters, dark comedy, and virtual reality taken to the extreme. A fast, highly entertaining read, this novel will appeal to graphic-novel enthusiasts, techies, and anyone looking for a cleverly written, inventive romp in which every detail counts.

SO do you wanna win? AWESOME! All you have to do for your initial entry is to become a GFC follower and leave a comment on this post with your email address and the name you follow under. That's it!! I wanna keep it simple so that you guys can keep hopping, after all there is over TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY BLOGS participating in this hop!!! OF course there are ways to earn extra entries into the contest :D

+2    Follow me on Twitter- @Andra_Lyn ... I recently switched from my personal twitter account to one made specifically for the blog, but now I have no followers, and barely any followees so I need some twitter love!!!

+2    Leave a MEANINGFUL comment on any of my reviews. They are lonely... a lot of them haven't gotten much attention and it hurts their feelings...

And THAT is it... Please leave all entries in one comment (follower name, twitter handle, links to the review where you commented, etc) Alright? Alright. Now Get HOPPING!!! <3



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  3. I'm a new follower (Deb Nance at Readerbuzz)! My email is debnance at gmail dot com. Thanks for offering this great giveaway!

    My mom's been sick and I never got around to signing up for the Midsummer Hop, but I'm giving away a beautiful copy of Anna and the French Kiss on my blog Readerbuzz in June. I'd love to have you stop by and throw your name in the hat!

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  15. Oops! I'm really sorry. I completely missed the last part where you asked to have all entries placed in one comment. I'll just copy and paste them in this comment:

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    I commented on 3 reviews as Identity Seeker:

    1) Review: The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting
    2) Review: Uglies by Scott Westerfeld
    3) Review: Pretties by Scott Westerfeld

    Thank you:)

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  22. Thanks for the giveaway. Even if I don't win I'm gonna go out and buy Fade To Blue. The story sounds interesting and the cover is lovely. Hope I win though. *fingers crossed*

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