Saturday, May 14, 2011

Black Dagger Brotherhood Challenge :D


As My second post….I have decided to join Reading With Tequila’s Black Dagger Brotherhood Challenge.!!!!!!!

I have heard soooooo much about this series, and for some reason haven’t managed to get my hands on them. Well…this changes NOW. I have heard that the series is Hot, Steamy, and Mysterious…everything a girl wants in her fictional men. Since they all have Lover in the title…I’m assuming there is a ton of sex and fabulousness! Heres hoping that the fabulous sex doesn't get frivolous. I am rather hesitant to try the more erotic of the adult romances because i feel like sometimes the plot gets neglected in favor of fantastic mind blowing sex.

Now, I don’t have anything against a good steamy love session…But I’m hoping these books aren’t JUST about the sex…I have a former favorite author whose series went from fantastic to sex-tastic in just a few short books. Nothing kills a series for me more than pointless, play-by-play sex for chapters and chapters and chapters…I kid you not…I once counted, and of the 23 chapters in the book, 17 of them were devoted to sex…That’s a little too much for me…I remember sitting on the bus reading this book and feeling like I must have looked like a tomato that was on fire because I was blushing so much. I kept furtively hiding the cover and turning so that no one behind me could read it because I didn’t want to appear to be some sex deviant lol.

ANYWAYS lol…I will be participating in the challenge and will begin reading Dark Lover ASAP… wish me luck Brotherhood fans!



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  1. I have to admit that the Twilight books got me started reading 'vampire' books. Then I moved onto the Sookie Stackhouse novels (which I love), I read a couple of other series...but the BDB novels are by far my favorite. I've read Dark Lover twice already. J.R. Ward handles several points of views beautifully. She definitely does not have a 'fluffly' style of writing, it's straight and to the point but she keeps the plot moving along. The story between Beth and Wrath is constantly evolving. Wrath is strong silent type that doesn't let people in easily.