Review Policy

Unabridged Andra's

First of all, thank you so much for considering me as a possible reviewer of your novel/book/webseries...whatever!. :) I will consider and respond to all requests that come my way, but I can't guarantee that I will accept every offer I get. 

I will be happy to consider books already available, new, and upcoming books (ARC's or galleys). When I accept your book, please keep in mind that I have other books in my "To Be Read" pile and it could be quite a while from when I receive your book and when I will have a chance to review it. I currently only accept hard copies, as I no longer own an e-reader (oops...).

I do accept independently published work, but please Please PLEASE make sure that they have been edited and there are little to no grammar/spelling errors. Otherwise the novel goes right to my "Did Not Finish" list.

 ~Book Qualifications~
~These are the genres that I love~
  • Dystopian
  • Fantasy
  • Horror/Suspense
  • Paranormal
  • Post-Apocalyptic/Zombie 
  • Sci-fi
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Young Adult (Any Genre)
~I enjoy these too, but tend to be pickier with what I accept~
  • Romance 
  • Chick Lit 
  • Contemporary Fiction 
  • True-Crime
  • Non-fiction
~Unfortunately, I do not usually accept~
  • Erotica
  • Literary Fiction
  • Books with strong religious agendas/themes
  • Westerns
~What to include with your request~
  • Title of the book
  • Genre
  • Novel length (full length, novella etc.)
  • Please indicate if your are submitting an e-book or bound book
  • A blurb and/or website with information about your book.
~In my review of your work, I will try to include~
  • The Cover Art
  • Author & Publication details
  • Summary (usually from Goodreads or the dust jacket)
  • My thoughts and ramblings about the book
  • A star rating (standard 1-5)
  • Link to the authors website, twitter account, etc
  • Link to Amazon to purchase the book.
  • Any additional information that I can find like trailers, teasers, posters, that sort of thing
  • ~In addition to posting reviews I participate in blog tours, author interviews, guest posts, and giveaways so please don't hesitate to ask :) ~
    All I ask in the above cases is that I'm given enough notice to read and review the book before your guest post/tour/etc.
    I both purchase my own books and receive them from authors and publishers for review. Regardless of where I get them, I am going to express my honest opinion of the books I read. And I mean honest. I absolutely love books and reading, and each book resonates differently with each reader. I  write about what I like, love, hate, and what drove me crazy about the book/story/characters. I don't like book bashers, and definitely try to find at least a few redeeming qualities in books that I'm not fond of. However, if I didn't like your book to the point of not finishing it, I won't post a review for it.  Otherwise, all reviews will go up on the blog with their ratings( between 1 and 5 stars) as assigned by me. I don't receive compensation for the reviews that I write, I just love books, blogging, and the blogger community. I just want to share my thoughts, opinions, and love of books with others. I will always post fair and honest reviews, and I will always be willing to discuss and engage in intelligent conversation about the opinions expressed within them. 

     Thanks again for checking me out. I hope we will have a long, happy, bookish relationship together :)

    Rating System

    5 Keys - Excellent
    5 Keys:
     Outstanding. Fabulous, Wonderific, Amazing. The highest level possible. The characters came to life in the pages and were utterly original and fantastic. The plot was amazing and was so good I couldn't put the book down. I will soon be buying everything the author ever wrote, and creating a shrine to them in my closet.
    5 Keys - Excellent
     4 Keys:
    Exceeded my expectations. The book was wonderful. I loved almost everything about it. There were little or no irritations with the plot and originality of the story. The characters were fun and interesting. I will be reading the sequels when then come out.
    5 Keys - Excellent
    3 Keys:
    Good but not Great. I Left the book happy but for whatever reason unsatisfied. Minor plot flaws or character irritations distracted me but I came away with an overall good experience. Originality was questionable, but still enjoyable. I will be reading the sequels but won't run out to get them on release day.
    5 Keys - Excellent
     2 Keys:
    Something about the book was just off. There were redeeming qualities, but for the most part I didn't enjoy it. I couldn't get into the story, or the plot was unbelievable or stupid. The characters are flat, unoriginal, and/or boring. Dialogue reminds me of Soap Operas and make me want to roll my eyes. I might read the sequels, but only if I find them at the library or get them for free.
    5 Keys - Excellent
    1 Key:
    This was a god-awful book. It took me forever to finish, with multiple breaks and pep-talks forcing me to make my way through. The dialogue was disjointed or didn't fit with the characters. The flow of the plot was off and didn't make sense. The book was a weak imitation of another book in the genre. The characters are irritating, stupid, and pointless. I will read the sequel only if forced at wait... actually I'd rather scrape out my eyes.