Giveaway Policy

Unabridged Andra's
Giveaway Policy

Typically, the only thing that I require in order to enter any of my giveaways is that you follow me via GFC. Preferably this will lead to you stalking me religiously and we will become amazing blog friends and live happily ever after. *cheers*

My giveaways are open to everyone, everywhere. However, only US/Canada are eligible for hard copy prizes. If the contest is for a hard copy of a book, and an international follower wins, I will either subsitute in an e-book, or try to order off of the Book Depository or a similar site. Therefore, occasionally the prize advertised can be altered if necessary.

If you enter a contest multiple times, and its obviously on purpose (you have the same email address with different names, etc), I will delete all of your entries. If it just looks like a simple mistake, I will only delete the extra entries.

All information you provide to me is confidential. I use emails, and street addresses only to contact the winner and ship prizes. After a contest winner is chosen, I delete all other entrant's information.

I reserve the right to extend, end, or remove any giveaway that might be taking place on the blog. I try really hard not to do this, but circumstances do come up. It's life people...expect the unexpected.

Winners are chosen at random using the Sequence Generator and will be announced (hopefully) within 48 hours of the end of a contest.The winner will be contacted via email and has 48 hours to respond with their full address (or whatever it takes to get them the prize) If for some reason, the email of the winner doesn't work, I will post the name of the winner on the site and they have 72 hours to respond to that. Sometimes the best laid plans fall apart. If I'm participating in a giveaway with an author or publisher, I will send your information to them and then it is in their hands.

***You guys should note, that I ship all prizes together at the end of the month. This means that if you win a prize on the first of the month and I've already gone to the post office, you might not get it for a while. This includes my own personal giveaways, follower of the month promotions, and twitter giveaways. Giveaways offered by authors or publishers are still in their hands, not mine.  I have started to do this because of people winning multiple prizes. I am not made of money and when I have to ship 4 books to the same place 4 different times, I become a bit ruffled. Also, I can barely remember to eat or brush my teeth most days, let alone make it to the post office every other week. Thanks, and if this doesn't work for can go buy your books. Love <3 Andra***

Unabridged Andra is NOT responsible for any prizes stolen, lost and/or damaged during transit, especially if the prize is being dispersed from a third party. I will also be using the most economical form of shipping possible, so prizes may take a few weeks to arrive.