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REVIEW: Desert Blood +$25 Rogue Phoenix Giftcard!

Title: Desert Blood 
Author: Brian Young
Series: Maker's Mountain Trilogy #2
Date Published: August 10th, 2013
Publisher: Rogue Phoenix Press
Format: ebook
Genre: Fantasy
Source: Goddess Fish Blog Tours
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The Dolus invasion rolled over the unassuming Kingdom of Larista leaving ghost towns in its wake. It brought death and destruction in abundance and left the people of Larista without their king or his heirs. It left the kingdom reeling with the realization that they weren’t alone on their isolated side of the Maker’s Mountain but instead part of a world that desperately wanted and needed the life giving water they took for granted.

One of the king’s sons, the Prisoner Prince Alexander, is still alive but held captive on the unexplored eastern side of the Maker’s Mountain known as the Wasteland. The man that holds him is the Emperor of the Free Cities, Jameson. His quest for vengeance and conquest has stirred up the other nations of the Wasteland and made them aware of the riches of Larista.

Alexander’s lifelong friends, Percival and Maximus must set out on individual journeys to find their friend, their king and themselves. But they will face a litany of foes along their paths. A horde of Beleick soldiers led by the Dictact threaten to sweep over the land sending everything into chaos while the Sisters of Gnaritas and the Death Stalker assassins weave their own intricate schemes for control of the Wasteland and the water that might flow from Larista.

Amongst so many people blood thirsty for power can Alexander find his way to the Maker’s Path or will he succumb to his own demons and find the Wraith’s Den in Oblivion…

~My Thoughts~
Percival and Maximus are different in their own choices and drives, but both are deeply concerned about the kidnapped Prince Alexander and are doing their utmost to ensure that he returns to his throne safely. Alexander too is no Cinderella type prince who is going to wait for rescue. He puts his mind and his own strengths to the task of escape, in order to find his way to the Maker's Path. 

The best part of this series for me, was the combination of the author's direct writing style and the imagery that set the scene. For fantasy books, key world building can be utilized simply by setting the story in a unique place. This is done quite expertly with the Maker's Mountain Trilogy by creating two starkly different civilizations right on opposite sides of one setting. There is the lush, beautiful side and the dark, dusty, and bleak side. Very cool! 

This is a series that you should read in order. Not having read the first book in the series, I found myself floundering a time or two in order to figure out characters or plot points that may have been detailed earlier in the series. 

As per the norm in fantasy, there were mystic lands and daring adventures all around. I enjoy the additions of maps to my stories in particular; it just helps in giving me that extra visual boost of understanding lands and possible politics related to the landscape, such as mountain keeps and desert wastelands. 

~Try an Excerpt!~
Havel returned the Lieutenant's salute and the man turned back to his work. This part of the bunker complex had seen some of the worst damage. Collapses in almost every tunnel had taken weeks to clear. It was surprising to find anything buried in the rubble let alone the best sample to date.

The head, or cockpit, appeared to only have scratches on in. It was the first one with an intact window. They had assumed the windows were glass like many of the other prewar vehicles but after a little examination it became clear they were plastic. A material the scientists were familiar with but unable to reproduce so far. A detached but intact one had been found; the others would be nearly impossible to replace. The cockpit actually took up most of the torso as well and it had both arms attached.

Emperor's Bastard! Miles should have had me look at this one before he brought the workers in. It would have been perfect for the Lord. Maybe I can get it swapped out still.

Dust fell from the ceiling and the cavern shook. Havel had to dive out of the way as a large part of it collapsed in the spot he had been standing. More dust fell from the ceiling and he covered his head as rocks dropped all around him. Static burst in his ear.

"Say again you’re breaking up." Havel yelled over the sound of the tunnel caving in around him.

"I repeat we're under attack! Beleick troops have entered the base. Beleick troops have..." Static replaced words and then cut off abruptly with a loud pop.
~Meet Brian!~ 
Brian was born in Salem, Oregon and currently resides in Eugene, Oregon with his wife, daughter and son. He graduated from the University of Oregon with a BA in English. He squeezes in time for writing in the early hours of the morning and during lunch breaks at work.
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